Artist Bio

Originally from Washington State, Aaron is a self-taught painter whose aptitude for drawing was encouraged at an early age.  The movement and energy in his work is influenced by his love for skate and snowboarding.  The community and environment in which he lives also greatly influences his artwork.  He is inspired to continue creating when his art makes a personal connection with another person.  You can see Aaron’s murals, posters and the occasional art show around Bellingham and Seattle.

Artist’s Statement

“I love people and I am often trying to relate through the art.  I want people to appreciate the aesthetic quality of the painting, but my greater hope is that the viewer will relate or make a personal connection somehow, like a snapshot from their own life that brings back a memory or feeling.”

- Aaron Filion

Thrasher Canvas

I'M A LOWLY PRIVATE in the northwest chapter of the beer-drinking, bowl-riding hesh army. I'm currently stationed in Bellingham, Washington, where I lurk at the local skatepark and West Seattle bowls. If you called the Bowl House I'm sure one of the guys could give you a "Freaky A" story, a moniker they gave me. I have no idea why.

As for my art, I just keep pushing it out. It's like skating in so many ways. I don't get paid for it; I'm not that great at it, yet I'm compelled to keep doing it. I've learned that the energy I put into things comes back in the form of being able to do more of whatever I'm doing. That's good enough for me. "The more you do the more you can do ..." someone said.